Concept to Implementation

Gorilla Products is introducing commercial building products with superior performance, produced and sold at a fraction of the price of their competitors’ products. The company is focused on taking some of the world’s most necessary “commodities” and basic building products, and making them safer, stronger and more affordable.

A Strong Platform

Gorilla Products has taken a concept and spent the time and money to develop the necessary base platform.  The core management team of Gorilla Products has brought together the necessary diverse skills and best minds in the field with the vision of turning the building products space upside down!  The CEO, Evan Daniels, a former well-known Wall Street banker,  most known for his outside the box thinking when it came to maximizing profits and applying new concepts that improve the bottom line, has positioned Gorilla Products for quick and impactful growth.  Daniels has a history of implementing new concepts, entering into competitive marketplaces and making them profitable.

The CTO,Per Just Andersen, PhD, has an even higher vision.  It is his intent to change the price and quality of construction materials to a higher quality product for a cheaper price.  The intellectual property created under his watch will do just do that – provide a stronger, fire-resistant building product at unrivaled prices.  However, the CTO doesn’t just envision a world with better products and higher standards, he also believes that sustainable, quality and affordable housing is something that should reach into developing nations most in need.

By building a solid business platform, the company is able to maximize profitability without comprising on responsibility and being a model corporate, global citizen.  The other members of the core management are exemplar in the field of commodities buying and selling, law, manufacturing and plant management.

A superior team with superior technology…Gorilla Products has the right formula!