A Personal Journey

Per Just Andersen, PhD is a brilliant mind with a brilliant vision.  It is his ultimate goal to bring affordable, sustainable housing to developing nations that can withstand natural disasters of any kind.  International tragic events such as the recent earthquake in Nepal or floods in the Philippines drive Dr. Andersen and his vision forward.  The most fundamental human needs are food, water and shelter.  These are the base of Maslow’s hierarchical theory and Dr. Andersen is committed to solving one of these basic needs, the need for all humans to have safe, secure and affordable housing.

What drives such a lofty life plan?

Well Dr. Andersen is the ultimate citizen of the world and has traveled, lived and seen the world in its worst conditions. Dr. Andersen is from a humble upbringing in Denmark.  At an early age, he saw numbers, chemistry and elements differently; it is what defines his universe.  His life has been focused on combining and stretching elements to allow them to go further than imagined.  His primary area of focus had been particle optimization and related theology of inorganic materials systems. His improvements in concrete technology have had significant impact on the design and approach to concrete production.

His exceptional work in the field brought him to the United States of America where he eventually became a permanent resident (green card holder) by applying for what is commonly referred to as the “Nobel Peace Prize Visa.” In immigration circles, this is the visa category achieved by only the most brilliant minds who can provide significant and superior value to the United States of America.

While working for other entities as the key contributing innovator, he developed emerging technologies and his work has been the foundation for the granting of more than 83 U.S. Patents, and more than 300 related foreign patents. Effective use of key company resources led to the development of new materials and processing technologies relating to a variety of technologies in the clay, silica, concrete, biopolymer and paper industries.

He is respected and known worldwide principally in the industry of cement and concrete, as well as the application of the technologies for development projects such as: The Britain-France Channel Tunnel, The Great Belt Link Connection (Denmark), and SHRP C201 and SHRP C206 (Strategic Highway Research Program, USA).

He intends on his current works with Gorilla Products to have even greater global reach and impact, and as such he has returned to Europe where he currently serves the Chief Technology Officer for Gorilla Products and its affiliated entities and focuses on research and development and bringing the relevant technologies from the bench into the marketplace.

Why is this important?

The company structured a relatively obscure program known as EB-5 into its capital stack, an immigrant investor program to promote economic development and job creation.  It was personal for Dr. Andersen as he felt that it was his duty to bring an avenue to aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators to a land where they felt the freedom to continue to innovate.  Knowing there were many financing options available to a company with this sort of superior intellectual property, it was a big commitment for the management team as they knew challenges would exist in promoting immigration investment into manufacturing in rural America.  However, Dr. Andersen, along with the CEO, both understood that not only could this bring real opportunity to like-minded entrepreneurs, but it would also bring them an international audience in some of the largest markets of the world, especially the People’s Republic of China.

Since beginning this journey, the company and its technology has been featured at the Shanghai Building Products International Conference and it has brought them into the circles of some of the greatest innovators in the building products space.  This vision and platform has allowed Dr. Andersen and his team to locate the best inputs in the world.

The commitment to having the freedom to live, work and invent anywhere in the world motivates him to bring opportunities to other immigrants

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Here is to someone that does believe one person and one idea can change the world!