Strength Thru Strategy

Why spend time, money and energy on perfecting a business model that has already been mastered? Gorilla Products will remain focused on what it does best: taking products from the concept stage, through the global patent process, to off the bench and all the way to the manufacturing stage of each product line in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Then, Gorilla Products will access the channels of existing building products companies that have the built-in sales force, support teams and distribution networks to assure that its end-users receive the highest quality product at the most affordable prices.

The company remains FOCUSED on products that can be extruded from the proprietary composite material. The company’s diverse product offering has been expanded from not only commercial fire-rated doors but to also include a variety of heat resistant and insulative products as well as cement board products. The focus involves five primary product offerings: (1) a family of very low temperature to very high temperature commercial insulation products, (2) interior and exterior cement board products, (3) completed fire-rated doors, (4) fire-rated door cores and components, and (5) extruded gypsum moldings.

By tapping into existing distribution networks of the leading building products companies around the globe, Gorilla Products has the luxury to remain focused on what it does best, INNOVATE AND IMPLEMENT! Instead of having to hire and train a sales force, Gorilla Products will work with leading building products companies and do private labeling. Gorilla Products and its affiliated entities will be able to continue its research and development and to continue to grow its portfolio in order to remain relevant and superior! So, instead of attempting to COMPETE with long-standing Fortune 500 companies, it will COOPERATE with these entities and help them improve and deepen their existing product lines.