History of the Manufacturing Site

The factory site in Lamar, Missouri, was previously owned and operated by O’Sullivan Industries. O’Sullivan Industries had a trained and skilled workforce manufacturing wood furniture. Due to rapid and unforeseen changes in the marketplace, O’Sullivan Industries ceased production and sold off their assets. A Gorilla Products related-entity acquired the 1.1 million square foot facility during this transition. Although they were not ready to begin manufacturing at the time of the real estate purchase, the management knew the size, location and workforce was a perfect fit for their future manufacturing plant.

After acquiring the property, the management remained focused on the research and development, intellectual property, testing and tax and liability structuring. Once the solid platform for the company and milestones were reached, Gorilla Products was in a position to begin site improvements and start necessary environmental clean-up in 2016.

Rail Spur at Manufacturing Site in Lamar, MO