The United States of America has been focused on reverse outsourcing and bringing American jobs back to our hard-working Americans.  That is exactly what Gorilla Products will be doing.  The North American facility will be the anchor and first of a number of global facilities and the leadership and growth of a company with this global vision, strengthening job security on American soil.  The company is actively negotiating for facilities that will help serve additional markets in Europe, China, Africa and the Middle East.

It has been a long, strategic and committed path for the company to reach the stage where it is ready to begin full-scale commercialization and take its innovative products off the bench and into the global marketplace.  The residents, business and leaders of Lamar, Missouri, and its surrounding community have been patiently waiting for this sort of impact in the community.  The wait will have been well worth it as the company moves forward over the next few years and revolutionizes the building products industry!

One Manufacturing Job Supports Five More U.S. Jobs


There is value in “Made in the USA” and Gorilla Products intends on wearing that badge proudly as the facility in Lamar, Missouri, will be the company’s flagship facility.