Strength Thru Diversity

It has been a well-thought out growth strategy and the company focused its almost decade of experience in innovation.  The products offered by Gorilla Products fall into one of two categories based on their primary raw material input:  cement-based (cement board and insulation products) or gypsum-based (fire-rated commercial doors and moldings).

The initial concept of door and door cores that were superior in strength and fire-ratings evolved into the development and testing of technology that now includes the following product lines:
  • Insulation (ranges from very low temperature to very high temperature)
  • Fire-rated doors
  • Door cores and components
  • Interior and exterior cement board products
  • Extruded gypsum moldings

Instead of jumping into the marketplace with unproven concepts, the parent entity spent critical years in research and development perfecting the product lines as well as developing additional product lines that are currently being reviewed for intellectual property protections.  All products are protected by issued or pending patents filed in various strategic companies around the world.

Our diversified portfolio allows Gorilla Products the flexibility to adapt quickly to the global demand.

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