Gorilla Products is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polymer-Wood Technologies, Inc. Gorilla Products is the operational and manufacturing entity that will globally showcase the value of
American innovation.

Its focus on its North American facility serves as the anchor for the implementation of the aggressive global expansion plan for additional product lines.  This expansion includes Europe, China and Africa that will allow ease of global distribution and economies of scale for the inputs necessary for all of its product lines.  Gorilla Products is the operation driving this growth and will continue to serve as the critical link between development and implementation.

A Building History

Polymer-Wood Technologies, Inc. (“PWT”) was formed in 2005 with the research and development goal of creating technologies that would allow for the first high-volume, outsource manufacturing of wood components utilizing European manufacturing techniques. These techniques will focus on the limited use of time, materials and minimizing labor throughout the process to achieve a pricing per unit that would rival products even from the Chinese and Indian markets. In particular, PWT was positioning itself to utilize revolutionary fire proofing techniques to create the first 90-minute fire-rated commercial medium density fiberboard (MDF) door.  This milestone led to the launch of numerous other products that include industrial pipe insulation, commercial roof and wall insulation and wall cladding.

Strength Thru Technology

The parent entity, PWT, will turn the building products industry upside down by pushing the bounds of strength, insulative performance and cost of production all while using “green” technologies.  After 11 years of focusing on research and development the stage has been set for this company to truly revolutionize the building products space.  The strength in its technology is the core of PWT and its operating entity, Gorilla Products.